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We turn rooftops into

green energy machines

The demand for green electricity is rising. Supply drops and prices rise and the consequences will soon be catastrophic for both people and society.

The solution is self-produced electricity on the roof - a "roof top green energy machine" - and we call it the Power UNICORN, Provided by Nature.

We believe in a future

in which buildings accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Buildings represent 39% of carbon dioxide emissions and the numbers are still rising, even though we know there is no planet B. This calls for action now and together we can fix it by integrating a clean and renewable energy source solution into the built environment.

From villains to climate heroes

Together we can transform all commercial buildings from energy villains to climate heroes by converting sun into a never-ending source of energy and provide the tenants with clean and never ending electricity.

A high-performance, easy-to-install, cost-effective and long-lasting energy solution. Available to all property owners and developers today.

It benefits the value of your property, your tenants, the planet and the future of our children. Probably the most successful investment you can make right now.

The PowerUnicorn

Let us present the PowerUnicorn by Power by Nature. The only rooftop renewable energy system that can fully power a medium- to high-rise building. It’s a modular structure of the latest solar technology, a stunning crown that provides on-site energy for commercial buildings.

A module solution

  • Pre-manufactured means short and cost-effective production time and low risk for any type of production issues.
  • A modular structure that can be adapted for all types of roofs and that thanks to its flexibility, provides over 70% roof coverage.
  • A raised structure that creates a natural cooling effect for the solar panels making them last longer and provide more energy.
  • No building permits are needed. The hight of the structure will not exceed the maximum building hights allowed. 1,5 meters.

Maximum efficiency

  • Maximum coverage of the rooftop area = maximum top energy harvesting.
  • Additional solar paneled walls on the side of the structure with built-in reflectors, make the efficiency increase by a total of up to 50-70% more compared to a regular solar panel structures facing north.
  • The structure protects the roof from direct sunlight which reduces the need for air conditioning by 20%.


A structure with rails that creates both an easier, faster, and safer implementation and a secure foundation protected against strong winds.

Benefits for the

property owners

This solution benefits the value of your property, your tenants, the planet and the future of our children. Probably the most successful investment you can make right now. An investment in an energy class way beyond the ordinary.

  • Saves money.
  • Cuts operational costs.
  • Electricity is one of the biggest ongoing expenses that commercial buildings have.
  • Increases property value.
  • Gives access to tax breaks.
  • It's good for the environment and your brand.
  • It protects against power outages.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Self-produced electricity becomes an income.
Business Ambition and Vision Concept .

We take Action for the

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sky, Sunset Sun and Clouds

Let us present “The PowerPod”

Solar-Power-Pods for every need, anywhere.

Solar power with a multi purpose

We are also developing a mobile unit. A unique solar energy module with innovative design. Showing three times more produced energy per foot print square meter than normal solar PV panels and it’s capable of powering three normal villas. That’s why we call it a PowerPod. Due to it’s innovative design it can also serve as a guesthouse, garden shed, office, gym, or greenhouse. It’s a multi purpose product, redefining energy solutions for a brighter future.

The product

Our game-changing innovation, The PowerPod, is a groundbreaking solar energy module that combines high-tech innovation with sustainable desing. It features a robust aluminum frame supporting 14 solar panels, resembling a sleek small house. With sliding bars and aluminum mirrors on the sides, light reflection is optimized to maximize solar energy harvesting. Our initial tests show three times more produced energy per foot print square meter then normal solar PV panels.

Business Competitive Advantage

Unique advantages

1. Modular Design and Easy Installation

PowerPod comes as a flat-pack solution, reminiscent of IKEA, making transport and assembly easy and convenient. With a modular design, installation is as straightforward as assembling furniture.

2. Plug and Play Functionality

PowerPod offers a convenient plug-and-play solution, complete with an integrated battery and inverter. This allows for quick connection and utilization of solar energy without hassle.

3. Portability

One of PowerPod's unique features is its portability. You can easily relocate the module to adapt to changing needs or to maximize sunlight exposure during different seasons.

4. Multipurpose Use

PowerPod is more than just a solar energy module. It can serve various purposes, including storage, a garage, a greenhouse, or even as an overnight apartment or study room. It adapts to your needs.

5. Certified Quality

PowerPod is certified according to industry standards, ensuring reliable and safe performance. We strive to deliver the highest quality and dependability.

6. Patented Miro Sun Technology

PowerPod incorporates the patented Miro Sun nano Technology to enhance solar energy harvesting through innovative mirror reflectors. This unique technological approach makes PowerPod a superior choice for renewable energy.

The PowerPod is not just a solar energy module; it's an investment in the future. With its intelligent design, simplicity, and versatility, it is an ideal solution for those aiming for sustainability and energy self-sufficiency.

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